Alvin Jo

Alvin Jo attends Interior Design school at Raffles Lassalle (Singapore) and he founded his own studio (2014) in Bali and Singapore, currently leads a team of professionals trained in various fields of design.

His career as an interior designer begins during the period of his academic training through various collaborations with architects, graphic designers  and product designers. From the journey he has been through, he has completed several projects span from product design, private housing, offices, apartment, commercial and hospitality. His design language implement a subtle transition between architecture and interior design combined with a spatial design manner that always searches for the essence.

His design philosophy involving the use of pure geometry, tactile materials results in a clear and timeless design. An approached to all aspect, without compromising on the value of details. A respect to the context and tradition, within which the senses and physical experience of the space, materials and light place the integrity of the user at its main core. Functionality, durability, comfort, and humble are the prime components of his work.